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Butterflys 850

August 2023

Too often climate change is depicted as a battle for “hearts and minds.” The narrative now is “health and wallets.”

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Mountain landscape

July 2023

We’re deep into summer in North America and the news is the heat. Not usual summer heat, but the kind that stops your breath.

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bastei-bridge 850

June 2023

Advances have put us onto a faster lane to climate neutrality but the road is littered with potholes.

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New Field 850

April 2023

“…rapid global decarbonization could yield an economic dividend of $43 trillion …”

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Aurora 850

February 2023

“Before, climate change was about doing the right thing. Now it’s just good business.”
From McKinsey Themes,
McKinsey Times

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Sunrise 850

January 2023

Climate change is a problem whose solutions are rife with opportunities for those who can think outside the box.

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December 2022

Let’s take a look back on a year of positive developments and what we’ll be watching in 2023.

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Mts & Lake 850

October-November 2022

Even before COP27 began, there were reports of a “shift in the world’s climate trajectory” thanks to other big developments, including America’s new climate initiatives …

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Pumpkins 850

September 2022

Crucially, the vast majority of the international community agrees on global climate goals despite …

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Field Sunset 850

August 2022

The IRA’s tax breaks and other incentives will greatly improve the ability to manufacture clean energy in the United States, leading one investor to say…

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