More C-Change Offerings

Dovetailing our signature program—the Climate Primer—we offer a range of other programs, in person and virtual, as part of our continuing effort to engage communities and organizations across the United States. These programs take a deeper and ongoing look at the impact that climate change is having on our health, economy, and global security.


Developed in consultation with scientists, business leaders, and public policy experts, the following presentations are designed to give you and your community group a framework for having a rational, factual, non-partisan discussion about climate change and its impact, and to facilitate local action:

COVID-19 Primer

Contrasts the risks of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic and points out important lessons we can learn from our experience that can help us in fighting climate change.

Business Primer

Leads business people through an assessment of the risk of climate change and culminates with a discussion of specific risks companies need to prepare for.

Health Primer

Focuses on how climate change impacts our health and personal safety and explores implications for our public health systems.

Solutions Series

A series of interviews with experts on the challenge of climate change. We talk with scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers, energy experts and others who are promoting ways to help us mitigate and handle the warming planet.

Watch the interviews here.

Engagement and Outreach

In addition to presentations, C-Change engagement and outreach continues the climate conversation in the same spirit of building consensus. Some of our programs include:

  • Interviews: C-Change interviews noted experts, like Andrew Winston, a knowledgeable and articulate expert on the nexus between business and climate change. We also host Fireside Chats (informal interviews) about topics like the challenges of climate change communications.
  • Speaking Engagements: C-Change is invited to speak to and appear on panels at meetings of national organizations, such as The Garden Club of America, the Land Trust Alliance, and the American Geophysical Union.
  • Podcasts: C-Change Founder and President Kathleen Biggins has appeared on Princeton University’s She Roars and Scott Amyx’s Climate Change Interviews podcasts.
  • Ask a Scientist: C-Change enlisted three scientists to answer your climate questions. Anyone may ask a question and receive an answer. C-Change regularly shares Q&A on our website and with subscribers to our newsletters. Learn more or ask a question here.
  • Affiliates: C-Change affiliates in cities beyond our home base of Princeton, NJ engage community members in the climate conversation. Contact us if you’d like to establish an affiliate and learn about our affiliates in Athens, GA and Columbia, SC.

Lecture Series

Throughout the year, we organize events featuring speakers who are nationally known experts in fields associated with climate change. Speakers have included risk managers from some of the world’s largest businesses, scholars studying agriculture and sea level rise, investors looking at the future of renewable energy, scientists who have been to the Arctic to study thawing permafrost, solar energy entrepreneurs, a former governor, and public policy and national security experts.

We’ve been honored to host the following speakers:



Tim Searchinger, Research Scholar, Woodrow Wilson School and Princeton Environmental Institute; Senior Fellow, World Resources Institute

Economic Threat and Opportunity

Bill Golden, Executive Director, National Institute of Coastal and Harbor Infrastructure

Bob Litterman, Founder Kepos Capital; former head of firm-wide risk at Goldman Sachs

Dr. Peter Hoeppe, Head of Geo Risk Research Center, Munich R E; Chair, Finance Forum on Climate Change for the German Government


Science, Weather and Sea Level Rise

Dr. Max Holmes, Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Research Center; Advisor to the U.S. Department of State 

Dr. Stephen Pacala, Petrie Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University; Former Head, Princeton Environmental Institute; Chair, Climate Central

Bernadette Woods Placky, Director, Climate Central's Climate Matters program; former award-winning TV weather forecaster. Watch the Reasons for Hope Interview →

Dr. Robert Kopp, Rutgers University, Director of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Institute


Science Journalism

Michael Lemonick, Science Editor for Scientific American; former Time magazine journalist, Writer-at-large; Climate Central; Author of first Time Magazine cover article on climate change



David Crane, Former CEO, NRG Energy

Jigar Shah, Founder, SunEdison, author, Creating Climate Wealth: Unlocking the Impact Economy


Geopolitical Security

Rear Admiral (Ret.) David Titley, Professor of Practice in Meteorology, Penn State University (Co-sponsored with the Foreign Policy Research Institute)

Investments and Business

Panel Discussion on Green Investing, Investment Experts from Allianz Global, Morgan Stanley, and Rockefeller Company 

Brian Reynolds, Executive Director, Climate | Money | Politics; Member, United Nations Economic & Social Council

Frederic C. Rich, Esq., author, Getting to Green and Saving Nature: A Bipartisan Solution; International Corporate Lawyer; Environmental Leader. Watch the Lecture →

​Andrew Winston, globally recognized speaker and writer on business strategy and mega-trends, author of The Big Pivot and co-wrote Green to Gold. Watch the C-Change Interview →


Public Policy

Alice Thomas, Climate Displacement Program, Refugee International

Elizabeth Thompson, Vice President for U.S. Climate and Political Affairs, Environmental Defense Fund

Christine Todd Whitman, Former Governor of New Jersey; Former Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency. Watch the C-Change Interview →

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