Our Story

At C-Change Conversations, we talk about climate change in a way that helps people understand the urgency of the issue without inflaming partisan passions. We do that by educating people about the science and risks of climate change and by framing it not as a political issue, but as a human one. 

Our non-partisan, science-based C-Change Primer programs have been very well-received by moderate and conservative groups across the country. As one former climate skeptic in Nantucket, MA said, "You've opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart," and the Mayor of Evanston, IL said, "You will leave this presentation knowing more, asking more, and expecting more of yourself, of local businesses, and of your government." Hundreds of statements like these confirm we are achieving our vision: to create a world in which all people understand the risks and demand action to mitigate the climate crisis.


Our History


Kathleen Biggins starts C-Change Conversations after she attends a national conference and hears military and business leaders say that the risk from climate change is real and imminent. She decides to replicate this experience in her community, and in 2014, with Carrie Dyckman, Katy Kinsolving, and Pam Mount, creates a non-partisan, climate change lecture series for moderate and conservative audiences.


When it becomes clear that many people need a basic understanding of the science and effects of climate change, Kathleen works with scientists and energy policy experts to develop the Climate Primer, a PowerPoint presentation that provides a 360 degree view of the issue, and starts giving talks to local groups in 2016.


By mid-2024, the Climate Primer and other key Primer programs have been presented to 20,000 people in 33 states. The C-Change team has grown to 26 volunteers and presenters educating and engaging others nationwide. 

The C-Change Primers

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There are three Primer programs, Climate, Health, and Business, that have been widely hailed as  intelligent, dispassionate introductions to climate change and its effect on  these critical issues. Our team travels the country presenting the Primers to community groups, business organizations, planning associations and to anyone interested in a fair and balanced approach to the issue. We aim to create an environment where people feel encouraged to ask questions about climate change.

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