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July 2020 Newsletter

We live in interesting times (an understatement!). Our sense of security has been shattered by the COVID-19 crisis and our sense of identity challenged by George Floyd’s killing and the ensuing reflection of who we are as a nation and as individuals. We are emotionally spent.

And yet, exhausted as we are, we need to keep in mind another challenge, climate change. Its threat may feel less immediate, but its consequences are much longer term. Scientists warn we need to act now, or our current emissions path will create a dangerous and dystopian world – one with devastating heat waves, food deprivation, more droughts and floods, and more exposure to disease. Because of our inaction so far, we are on track to leave our children and grandchildren a world we would never accept for ourselves.

Before COVID-19 emerged, the momentum on climate change had shifted. Republican leaders, recognizing that younger Republicans and independents care deeply about the issue, were finally talking about solutions like planting trees, investing in carbon capture and new nuclear power technologies. Democrats were fleshing out different approaches to a “Green New Deal.”

Business leaders like BlackRock CEO Larry Fink warned that climate change has become the defining factor in companies’ long term prospects and that it would fundamentally reshape finance. Climate change was being discussed much more frequently in board rooms, shareholder meetings, and on earnings calls. Jobs in the clean-tech sector were booming. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fastest growing jobs in 2018 were in wind and solar.

Today much of that momentum has been lost as the world wrestles with the COVID-19 crisis. Some countries are using their stimulus packages to pivot to the future – building green infrastructure and jobs. Others are simply trying to restore the status quo. We are at a critical inflection point, and how we, as individuals, nations, and a global society, choose to act will have important ramifications for our future.

And C-Change is still at work and has helped nearly 10,000 people understand the risks of climate change with our award-winning Primer. We are energized to reach an even larger audience when we look back on the great reception and positive news coverage we received for Primer presentations in Shreveport, LA and to the World Affairs Council in Hilton Head, SC.

During the COVID lockdown we continue to educate others remotely with our Primer video (followed by a live Q&A session) and webcasts. We are also working to expand our website and to deliver more climate information and analysis to our supporters. Please let us know if you want to help by inviting us to send our video or present virtually to clubs, schools, or associations in your community. Be well and stay safe.

Kathleen Biggins, Founder and President

Why Businesses Need to Lead on Climate Change
Pre-COVID, Kathleen interviewed Andrew Winston — a noted author and advisor to multinational companies — in the Princeton Public TV station. They had a fascinating discussion about why it is in businesses’ best interest to aggressively move to reduce climate risks — for their own bottom line and for the rest of society. Watch the interview here. 

Tips for Taking Action

  1. This week, resolve to have one conversation about climate change. Next month, have two. This video will inspire you to take that first step.
  2. Consider buying an electric car. This climate-friendly car guide from Climate Central will help you figure out which one might be right for you.
  3. Try Meatless Mondays. Cutting back on animal products from a quarter to half can make each of our carbon footprints a lot smaller.

C-Change in the News

  • Venture capitalist and climate change leader Scott Amyx interviewed C-Change founder Kathleen Biggins for his podcast. Watch the interview here.
  • Idea Mensch is an interview platform for entrepreneurs, makers, and doers. Read the interview with Kathleen.

Upcoming Events
C-Change is rescheduling in-person events with webcasts where possible. Let us know if you’d like to arrange a Primer presentation with your business group, club, church, or school.  

Tentative upcoming events include presentations to the Southampton, NY Garden Club, Jackson Hole, WY Thursday Roundtable, and the Young Presidents Organization. The Land Trust Alliance has confirmed our spot on the schedule for its October annual conference, Rally 2020.

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Social Impact Heroes: How and Why Kathleen Biggins of C-Change Conversations Decided to Change Our World

As part of my series about “individuals and organizations making an important social impact”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kathleen Biggins.

Kathleen Biggins is the founder and president of C-Change Conversations, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting productive, non-partisan discussions about the science and effects of climate change.

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Climate Change With Scott Amyx Podcast

Kathleen Biggins, founder of C-Change Conversations, meets with Scott Amyx Podcast to talk about climate change.

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Interview with Kathleen Biggins

Kathleen Biggins, founder of C-Change Conversations, interviews with Stefan Junge at Mensch.

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Growth of trees in drought, Living with tree drought.

COVID & Climate Change: Why I am Hopeful

Because I spend so much time thinking about the climate, many people have reached out to me to ask whether I am “excited” or “happy” that skies are clearer and greenhouse gas emissions are decreasing during our worldwide lockdown. My answer is that it is complicated.

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The Bottom Line: Why Businesses Need to Lead on Climate Change. An Interview with Andrew Winston

One of the best parts of my work is talking to and learning from experts who see climate change through the lens of how it impacts our economy, health, and national security. Andrew Winston, for example, is a knowledgeable and articulate expert on the nexus between business and climate change.

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The Bottom Line: Why Businesses Need to Lead on Climate Change

One of the best parts of my work is talking to and learning from experts who see climate change through the lens of how it impacts our economy, health, and national security. Andrew Winston, for example, is a knowledgeable and articulate expert on the nexus between business and climate change.

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May 2020 Newsletter

Back in February, C-Change Conversations presented the Primer to our largest audience ever (600 people!) in Shreveport, LA. Then we headed to public and private events in South Carolina, speaking to curious, concerned, everyday citizens and business and community leaders alike, all grappling with the issue of climate change.

Today is a very different story as we practice social distancing, quarantining, and adjusting to the realities of a pandemic. We are concerned with the safety of everyone, especially our many friends and supporters around the country. Our thoughts are with you as we collectively negotiate these difficult times.

And, as preoccupied as we are with COVID-19, we can’t take our eye off the slower yet no less menacing threat of climate change. Now more than ever we need trusted, scientific sources to better understand our world and
how to keep it and all of us safe.

To that end, we bring good news. C-Change Conversations is pleased to present new virtual learning resources for fans of our science-based, non-partisan approach to climate change: two virtual presentations of the award-winning C-Change Conversations Primer and “Ask a Scientist.”

While we can’t be together, we can band together to share good information and good thoughts. Please stay in touch and stay safe.

The C-Change Conversations Team

Virtual Presentations of the C-Change Conversations Primer
In celebration of Earth Day, C-Change presented the Primer as a webcast for the first time, in partnership with the New Jersey Conservation Foundation and Princeton Public Library. You can watch and share a recording of the webcast here. If you would like to schedule an interactive, virtual Primer presentation like this for your group, please let us know. Or, consider watching this recording of our Primer presentation, which we produced in the Princeton Community Television studios. 

Ask a Scientist
At a time when there are many unanswerable questions, we are happy to have enlisted three trusted scientists to provide answers to common climate questions (see below). We encourage you to submit your own questions here and visit the C-Change website often to read new questions and answers from the scientists.

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Happenings: C-Change Conversations with Founder Kathleen Biggins

Climate change has become a “litmus test” for party loyalties, which has led to this being one of the most divisive issues in this country.

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LSUS Hosts Non-Partisan Conversation on Climate Change Featuring Mayor Perkins

Shreveport Mayor, Adrian Perkins broke the ice before introducing Biggins while discussing how climate change hits more closer to home than we may think.

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