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Speaking of Climate Change

Social psychologists such as Jonathan Haidt have documented that much of our decision making takes place based on instinct, influenced by those we consider to be members of our “tribe,” and that our intellect is used to confirm that choice.

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Connections: Can Climate Change be Partisan?

Sophie Glovier and Kim Haren, both team members with C-Change Conversations, meet with Evan Dawson in the Connections podcast to discuss climate change.

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An All-Female, Non-Partisan Approach to Solving Climate Crisis

There was no bashing of fossil-fuel companies, no mention of the Green New Deal, and no talk about the dark money influencing politicians and public skepticism. President Trump and other powerful deniers of the climate crisis went unnamed.

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Kathleen Biggins on Changing Minds About Climate Change, One Non-Partisan Conversation at a Time

PowerPoint presentations on global warming aren’t usually met with standing ovations, but Kathleen Biggins and her group of traveling speakers are getting used to them — even in the most conservative communities they visit.

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Garden Clubs Hosting Climate Change Talk

Two local garden clubs, Rusticus Garden Club and Bedford Garden Club, have partnered with Bedford 2020 to provide community members with an opportunity to learn about the potential impact of climate change on their health and safety, the economy, and geopolitical security.

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Save the Planet & Save Some Money

If saving the planet isn’t reason enough to address climate change, maybe saving some money would be appealing. Taking an economic approach to clean energy, several multinational businesses have pledged to source 100 percent of their energy needs from renewables by 2020 or sooner.

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A Climate Change Primer

It’s a rainy Monday night in a tree-shaded neighborhood of stately homes in Princeton that you wouldn’t think would harbor a hotbed of left-leaning politics.

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C-Change: Climate Change 101

The GCA’s annual NAL conference in Washington, DC, is thought-provoking, eye-opening, and often game-changing. Tis last was the case in 2014, when two members of the Garden Club of Princeton and two from Stony Brook Garden Club, both in Zone IV, attended the conference.

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Starting a Conversation

On a blustery day in February 2013, Kathleen Biggins came in from the train station, put her bags by the kitchen table and sat down to do some research. She had just returned home to Princeton, NJ from the annual GCA National Affairs and Legislation (NAL) conference in Washington, DC.

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Whether GOP Likes It, Climate Change Part of Presidential Debate

The Republicans have built a formidable wall against federal action on climate change. They convinced many Americans that the science was questionable, the costs of moving off fossil fuels economically crushing and that “believers” were radical liberals with a dark agenda.

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