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To Get Action on Climate Change, the People Must Demand It

Catherine Rampell missed a key point in her Oct. 27 Tuesday Opinion column, “Biden’s energy ‘gaffe’ is the truth: Oil is history.” Though it is true that “politicians can make a difference” and “accelerate the pace of change,” the reason lawmakers haven’t, of course, is that they aren’t hearing from enough constituents that addressing the threat of climate change is a priority.

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Climate Change is Not Just Another Cause

A Star Ledger op-ed by Kathleen Biggins, founder of C-Change Conversations.

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Trust Your Instincts

Kathleen Biggins, founder of C-Change Conversations, interviews with Penny Bauder, founder of Green Kid Crafts.

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Social Impact Heroes: How and Why Kathleen Biggins of C-Change Conversations Decided to Change Our World

As part of my series about “individuals and organizations making an important social impact”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kathleen Biggins.

Kathleen Biggins is the founder and president of C-Change Conversations, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting productive, non-partisan discussions about the science and effects of climate change.

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Climate Change With Scott Amyx Podcast

Kathleen Biggins, founder of C-Change Conversations, meets with Scott Amyx Podcast to talk about climate change.

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Interview with Kathleen Biggins

Kathleen Biggins, founder of C-Change Conversations, interviews with Stefan Junge at Mensch.

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Happenings: C-Change Conversations with Founder Kathleen Biggins

Climate change has become a “litmus test” for party loyalties, which has led to this being one of the most divisive issues in this country.

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LSUS Hosts Non-Partisan Conversation on Climate Change Featuring Mayor Perkins

Shreveport Mayor, Adrian Perkins broke the ice before introducing Biggins while discussing how climate change hits more closer to home than we may think.

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Climate Change Conversation Takes Place at LSUS

Stories on Climate change often make news headlines – just this past week there was a story about a record high temperature in Antarctica – a place we normally think of as forever frozen…but the high reported last week was a record-breaking 65 degrees…that caught attention.

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Climate Change Topic for Shreveport Garden Study Club

Shreveport Garden Study Club is sponsoring an event to explore the topic, said Michele Wiener, in a press release. It is bringing the program here in conjunction with Shreveport Green and LSUS. Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins will introduce the speaker, LSUS Chancellor Larry Clark and Shreveport Green Executive Director Donna Curtis

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