Sea Level Rise And Climate Change

What do Ice Cream and Sea Level Have in Common?

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Solar panels, storage, wind turbines and clean electricity distr

World’s New Oil Barrel

The battery is critical to the success – or failure – of the mission to head off climate change.

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August Curated Climate News

The IRA’s tax breaks and other incentives will greatly improve the ability to manufacture clean energy in the United States, leading one investor to say…

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Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

It May Not Be Perfect, but It’s a Big Deal…

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July Curated Climate News

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” to borrow from one of literature’s most famous lines. In the climate world, July brought evidence of both.

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Flowers Blooming On Field

July 2022 Quarterly Newsletter

We are so excited about new developments at C-Change that are enabling us to expand our reach and impact, such as…

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Coral reef

June Climate Change News

“People do not understand the magnitude of what’s going on. This will be greater than…”

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Will Climate Change Make Allergies Worse?

Alas, yes, it is true. For two reasons. First, thanks to a warming climate, the pollen season is becoming longer…

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Are hurricanes getting worse?

It’s June, the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season.
Do you think the number and intensity of hurricanes and tropical storms have generally increased since the 1980s?

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May Climate Change News

Every month seems to present stronger and more urgent evidence that climate change is not a future threat but a current reality.

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