Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about C-Change Conversations and the initiatives we are pursuing. Below you will find our Marketing Brochure— outlining our approach, programs, and accomplishments to date—and our president’s bio. We very much appreciate your interest!

Kathleen Biggins

Kathleen Biggins is the Founder and President of C-Change Conversations, a national nonprofit dedicated to fostering understanding about the risks of climate change to our economy, health and security, and geopolitical stability. Prior to founding C-Change, she had a career in advertising and journalism. In 2014, Kathleen recognized that climate change was a significant risk but that few people were talking about it because it was seen as such a polarizing and far-off topic. That year she pulled a team together to create C-Change Conversations with the goal of depoliticizing the issue and helping others understand how it might impact them personally.
Kathleen wrote the C-Change Conversations Primer – a non-partisan, science-based presentation – that has been lauded by both conservative politicians and chief scientists of internationally known climate organizations. The Primer has been presented to a wide range of businesses and associations, reaching over 19,000 people in 32 states and internationally. C-Change has received accolades from leaders in government, finance, health, and education, as well as recognition by the southeastern conference of the World Presidents Organization, the Financial Executives Networking Group, the Garden Club of America, and the Land Trust Alliance.
Kathleen hails from New Orleans and is a graduate of the University of Virginia and attended the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany, as a Rotary Scholar. She now lives in Princeton with her husband and their dog.
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